Posted in News & Updates, on 05/28/2017


One year ago, we (along with our friends at Suncorp in Australia) launched the world’s first on-demand insurance for single items, accessible entirely from a mobile app. A short six months later, we launched in the UK, in partnership with AXA.

We’re ecstatic with the results and learnings to date as we’ve brought an innovative, new approach to insurance to people around the world. We’ve been listening intently and rapidly evolving the product experience as we make Trov protection more seamlessly fit into the untethered lifestyle of our community.

But this is only the beginning.

As we enter into our second year, we’re excited to begin to share more about our broader vision, culture of innovation, what we’re learning and, of course, what’s coming next. All of which we’ll share right here on the blog.

Here’s a preview of what’s to come:


Now that we’re in market in Australia and the UK, we’re rapidly introducing new features and categories of protection based on what we’re learning from the community. Our next geographic milestone will be bringing our on-demand insurance platform to the United States, later in 2017. Following our US launch, we’ll continue to grow into new markets including Japan, continental Europe and South Africa. Watch this space for updates on product and where we’ll show up next!


The Trov team is building product experiences with people at the center. This is core to what we believe as a company and it is our mission to reinvent how people engage with insurance by making it ridiculously simple, ensuring that the experience matches their often “untethered” lifestyle. This is a stark contrast to many rigid insurance policies that exist today. We take an innovative approach to solving this problem and will share how we approach design, engineering, culture and more.


Over the past several years, seismic shifts have altered the landscape in which we interact with the things in our life. Whether it be the proliferation of smart devices and the internet of things or the rise of collaborative economy and “on-demand everything”, the manner in which we acquire, use, share, dispose of and protect the things that are important to us is changing. Trov Founder and CEO, Scott Walchek, and others in our community will dig into these trends and how both Trov and the industry are responding to them.

2017 has already been a big year for us and will only accelerate in the back half. Thanks for coming on the journey with us so far and, as always, please don’t hesitate to reach out with any thoughts or ideas!

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